24000 BTU Mini Split Air Conditioner - Heat Pump - SENA/24HF

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The Senville SENA-24HF/Z is a 24000 BTU ductless mini split air conditioner and heat pump, that is ENERGY STAR Certified. It is backed by a 7 Year Manufacturer Warranty and also offers the following key features:

Senville Mini Split AC

  • 20 SEER - ENERGY STAR Certified. Inverter Technology. (50% Savings per Year. vs. 10 SEER)
  • Air Conditioner With Arctic Heat Pump (Up to -30C / -22F). Great for Cold Climates!
  • WiFi Enabled (iOS & Android), Whisper Technology (Ultra Quiet), Silver Ion Filter (Anti-Microbial)
  • Vertical Swing Function, Refrigerant Leak Detection, Built-In De-humidification Function, Follow Me Function (Remote with Built-In Thermostat)
  • Self-Cleaning Mode, PTC Heat Belt and Pan, Bucket Free Outdoor Design, Self Diagnosis System, Low Ambient Cooling (Up to -30C / -22F)
  • Recommended for rooms sized 1150-1350 sq. ft.

Energy Star Certified

ENERGY STAR CertifiedThe Senville AURA Series is our most efficient mini split air conditioner and heat pump, that is Energy Star Certified. With ultra energy efficient air conditioners, you can expect to save upwards of 50% on your energy costs annually. This model makes a great companion for anyone looking to cool and/or heat their home or business, while minimizing running costs in the long-term.

Ultra High Efficient Heating and Cooling (Up to -22F/-30C)

Cold Climate Heat PumpSenville is proud offer one of the most advanced heating and cooling systems in the world. Our Ultra-Inverter Technology, allows our mini split systems to provide cooling and heating at up to -22F/-30C, with up to 75% efficiency, which means you won't experience any additional cost overages on your energy as temperatures go lower. Now available on all Senville AURA Series models, your Ultra-High Efficiency Inverter system will provide you with cooling and heating, all year round, even in the coldest climates. 

High Efficiency Mini Split AC

20 SEER Mini Split AC

20 SEERWith a 20 SEER Rating, the Senville AURA Series, surpasses many of the top name brands when it comes to efficiency. Enjoy the benefit of a cool climate controlled room, with a simple and easy to install air conditioner. Additionally, the Senville AURA Series offers you one of the quietest split air conditioning systems on the market, with minimal audible noise, ensuring the most comfortable overall experience.

WiFi Enabled

WiFi Enabled Mini Split ACEnjoy the benefit of controlling your mini split air conditioner from virtually anywhere in the world. WiFi Enabled, the AURA Series is WiFi Ready, and can be controlled remotely with any Android or iOS phone, via WiFi connection. Control your temperature settings from the office, or while on the road for more efficiency and superior control, as long as you have an internet connection. Great for vacation homes or for better efficiency and temperature control.

Smart Home

Diagnostics & Leak Detection System

Mini Split AC DiagnosticsAlso included on this ductless system are a variety of features including self-cleaning, leak detection, and diagnostic display, all designed to ensure a proper running system, that will last a lifetime. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your air conditioner will warn you of any potential problems, allowing for proper maintenance and a climate control system that functions at it's highest efficiency.

Ultra-High Efficiency Inverter

DC Inverter Mini Split ACSenville has long manufactured their air conditioners with an emphasis on energy efficiency and affordability. Technology like its inverter compressor, results in drastic reduction of energy usage, ultimately making it one of the most efficient systems with Inverter Technology. It's technology like this that helps the ductless system to reach such high SEER ratings. Opt for a split system with Inverter Technology to ensure that you are minimizing your energy costs.

Mini Split Heat Pump

Manufacturer's Warranty

7 Year WarrantyAll Senville models are backed by a comprehensive 7 year warranty designed to protect your purchase. All warranty claims are processed by the North American Headquarters of Senville, ensuring the highest levels of customer support and satisfaction. This 7 year warranty offers coverage on the compressor and a 3 year warranty on other parts. You can rest assured knowing that your purchase will be protected for up to 7 years, and we know that we are providing you with the highest quality product available.

Installation Kit & Accessories Included

Mini Split Installation Kit IncludedSenville air conditioners include a complimentary installation kit, designed to ease installation as well as minimize installation costs. These units come pre-charged with R410A refrigerant and include the necessary piping for installation and hook up. Many inferior split units, may not include these parts, which eventually adds to your costs. Our Senville models come equipped and ready for installation from the moment your arrive at your door, with minimal additional cost.

7 Year Warranty

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Documentation and Certifications

Technical Specifications

Model Number SENA/24HF
Power Supply (Ph-V-Hz) 208-230V~  60Hz, 1Ph
Cooling (Range) 24000
Input (W) 1920
Rated current   A 8.4
EER        BTU/W 13
Heating (Range) 24000
Input (W)      2500
Rated Current (A) 10.9
COP W/W 2.81
HSPF4      11.5
HSPF5 9.6
Minimum Circuit Ampacity (A) 20
Max. Fuse (A) 30
Indoor Dimensions (WxDxH) (in.) 46.69x10.16x13.39
Indoor Air Flow (H/M/L) CFM 794/647/500
Indoor Noise Level (H/M/L) dB 47.5 /44/36.5
Outdoor Noise Level (H/M/L) dB 60
Outdoor Dimensions (WxDxH) (in.) 37.24/16.14/31.89
Refrigerant Type R410A
Refrigerant Pre-charge 25
Connection Wiring 16AWG*4  Stranded, unshielded
Thermostat Type WiFi Enabled & Remote Control
Warranty 3 Year (Parts) / 7 Year (Compressor)
Application Area  1000-1450 sq.ft
small-warning.pngWarning: California Proposition 65


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  • 5

    Posted by Howie on 2019 May 7th

    Everything's awesome from customer service to delivery plus the AC is super quiet, I don't even hear anything, I would buy it again if I need another one

  • 5
    If you have propane, dont think twice.

    Posted by Tynell on 2018 Nov 4th

    I am starting my second winter with this product. I have a dedicated power consumption meter just for the heat pump Last winter it cut my heating bill down to $1800CDN heat pump + propane. Not bad for Northern Alberta 1200sqft 1980’s house. We had some long cold snaps last year. Having air conditioning was great last summer, not a challenge for this unit. Cooling only cost me $50 all summer. The propane furnace only fired November 2nd. The heat pump used $63 in power since october 1st for heating. I have learned that this unit makes heat to -40C, but there is no real point running it after -18C as that seems to be the 1.0 COP. After that its Propane furnace and space heaters. I am very impressed at the economy of this unit and its short payback period of 4 years parts and labour vs propane. I fully intend to install a second unit into the basement in future.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 2018 Nov 4th


  • 5
    Impressive Performance .. but?

    Posted by Brian Haig Creston British Columbia on 2018 May 13th

    Just received my 24000BTU heat pump, delivery was quick, with all components well packaged so no damages. I installed the unit myself (12 hours total) and it runs flawlessly, very quiet, like whisper quiet. We need to install another 2 units for other buildings on our acreage but we are hesitant to buy any more of the Senville line since the Warranty is only valid if a licensed HVAC installer does the work. We live in the country, to have a HVAC installer to come out, install and sign off the guarantee will ramp up the cost dramatically. as well they are not so willing to do the job since they did not supply the unit. The installation is relatively simple for any home owner or licensed tradesman to undertake so there lies the problem for repeat purchases. Nice unit but no warranty for a self installation.

  • 5

    Posted by Dan Doucet on 2018 Mar 26th

    waited to live one winter prior to write! I purchased this unit last sping (one year ago) it did cool our main floor perfectly (2000SQ FT) and performed really well this winter. The unit is very quit and runs smoot. The service I got from sogoodtobuy been fantastic

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Nov 17th

    Love the Service shipping was perfect I will definitely buy more Love the service I get from so good to buy

  • 5
    24000 BTU Mini split Air conditioner SENA/24F

    Posted by Dave Billard Burgeo Nl on 2017 Aug 19th

    I have installed this product many times now and found it to be very worth the money spended. Works great., quiet . Clean and affordable.. found the staff very friendly to deal with. They go well out of their way to make sure you get what you order and the it arrives intack and on time. No hesitation in buying this Product in the future has it is well worth the money spend

  • 5
    Awesome product for the price

    Posted by Steffen on 2017 Jul 31st

    I installed this unit a few days ago and so far, it is very impressive! You can barely hear it and it heats and cools very fast. It has no problem to maintain a set temperature in my 1,300 sqf home. The installation was a little troublesome. I am a handy man and when I ordered this unit without having any experience on the installation, I thought I will have no problem installing it if an installation instruction is included (which there was). Once I had the system installed, I realized I need a "manifold Gage" and vacuum pump for the "evacuation" of the lines. I had no idea such tools are needed. I checked some local plumber supply stores and realized these tools sell for $1,400 (there are cheaper ones to be found online but with no experience with these tools, I do not know what quality features to look for and scared away). I ended up hiring a plumber for this part of the installation which added $320 to my cost. Had I known this upfront, it still would not have me change my mind about the purchase but I would have had the chance to organize the installation better. Plumbers in our area are very busy and not able to come right away when first contacted. Therefore, I had to wait over a week for a plumber to show up after I had the unit installed and realized that I do need a plumber.

  • 5
    Really Impressed Overall. Extremely Quiet!

    Posted by Tynell on 2017 Jul 30th

    This unit runs really super quiet!!! I hooked up a power meter to keep track of power usage and so far it seems super efficient. Full blast cooling pulls about 1350W! Less than a hair dryer. Once it gets closer to set point and idles back to maintain temp it pulls 560W, just 20W more than the summer fan on my furnace. Once it reaches the desired temp the air handler fan on low idle pulls just 15w. The unit completely off consumes 8w. Overall really, really happy with this unit, especially for the installed cost. Did the electrical and mechanical installation myself, except for the commissioning I left to a licensed HVAC repair man; vacuum evacuation, leak test, line purge and freon release. He said this unit was very well constructed, and was impressed that it had a scroll compressor at this price. Of course i needed a longer line set than 25ft, so he cut and flared a 30ft set down to 28ft. I got the 30ft line set off ebay because with the 5/8" vapour line all the local plumbers / parts suppliers treated me like an idiot when i asked for them, one also told me to scrap this unit and buy a $5k Carrier, yeah right buddy. I will be keeping track of this units efficiency/consumption in a spreadsheet, to see how much propane it will save me in winter and where the economic the balance point is using the heatpump. The outdoor unit is very quiet, you have to walk over to it to see if it is on. Ok now the things i don't like, improvements to be made. Wish it would have a display led on the air handler for heat mode and also dry mode which it does not. Wish it had dry contacts or wifi control for Nest integration which it does not. Wish Airpatrol was not so terribly annoyingly buggy interfacing with this unit. I wish the temperature display led's on the unit could be centered, kinda looks goofy offset to the left. The neoprene seal in the senville line set kit is junk, wouldn't stick just tossed it, get yourself some proper hvac duct seal from the hardware store. But really that's it, Overall a really impressive machine for the price, I am quite happy. I hope to review this unit again after a winter in Alberta!