Senville 1500W Electric Space Heater - SENT15-20A


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Product Overview

  • Efficient Electric Space Heater: Experience the ultimate in fast and cost-effective heating with our Electric Space Heater. Utilizing cutting-edge ceramic heating technology, it provides superior heat transfer quickly and efficiently. Ideal for indoor use, this heater is an energy-saving alternative to traditional heating methods, operating at just $0.19 per hour. Perfect for targeted heating without the high cost of heating your entire home.
  • Flexible Heating Options with 3 Modes: Our Space Heater for Indoor Use offers three operational modes to suit your comfort needs: 700W (Low), 1500W (High), and a quiet fan-only setting. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for maintaining a comfortable temperature during the colder months.
  • Adjustable Thermostat for Optimal Comfort: The Mini Space Heater comes with an easy-to-use, fully adjustable thermostat control. It efficiently monitors the room's temperature, ensuring energy-efficient operation. Its compact size makes it an ideal addition to any room, be it a bedroom, office, or bathroom, and it's perfect as a desktop space heater.
  • Advanced Safety Features for Peace of Mind: Safety is a priority with our Space Heater for Indoor Use. Equipped with overheat protection and an anti-tip over switch, it offers added security by automatically shutting off in potentially unsafe conditions.
  • Portable and Compact Design: Designed for convenience and portability, this Electric Space Heater is easy to move from room to room. Its compact size makes it a great choice for various heating needs, whether as a garage heater, tent heater, dog house heater, or even a greenhouse heater.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review